History Barbershop CO.

9319 HWY# 93 Unit 5
Midland ON  L4R 4K4

Phone: 7055262887

History Barbershop CO.

History Babershop Co. is Midland`s No 1. traditional barber shop. Offering Cuts, Hot Towel Shaves and Beard care. We also provide expertise on men's grooming! Walk-in and enjoy a complimentary coffee, coke product or water. Socialize and await your service while you partake in the ritual of friendly community that exists in the traditional barber shop. Remember classics are our specialty and "We still make em' like they used to"!

NOTE: History Barbershop Co. operates as a traditional barber shop, specializing and offering only a select amount of hair-cutting services from the following, titled The List*(results may vary.) Facial shaving, shaving and beard grooming also available

Further more patrons should be aware that in order to properly complete our only offerd hair cutting services from The List*, the longest finished length after being cut can be no greater than approx. 1.5 inches over the ear to be left on the parameter hairline around the sides of the head and approx. 1 inch past the base of the nape or natural hairline. Results my vary. See Disclaimer* below for added detail's.


Barber Shop Classic Cuts.

Most Common that we offer

Crewcut, (A.K.A Caesar, N0. 2, N0. 1.5, N0. 1, N0. 0.5, etc. )

Buzz cut, (A.K.A. Butch)

Flattop, (A.K.A. Brush cut, Porcupine, Drill Sargent)

Professional Contour, ( A.K.A. Servicemen, )


College Contour, (A.K.A. Military, Short Back and Sides)

Super short Crew, (A.K.A. Finger Length)

Vanguard, (A.K.A. Slick back, Hollywood, Valentino, Long Trim, Playboy)

Ivy League,

High and Tight, (A.K.A Full Crown, Abrupt Taper)

Executive Contour, (A.K.A. Business Cut)

Signature or Modern Barber Shop Haircuts

Most Common that we offer


Under Cut, (A.K.A. Fury,)

Straight Back, (A.K.A. Short and Spikey,)

Scumbag Boogie,

Other options that we offer

Modern Crop,



Psycho Quiff, Psychobilly,

50`s Rock n` Roll classic Haircuts.

Most Common that we offer

Short Trim Pompadour, (A.K.A. Pompadour, La Pompadour)

Medium Trim Pompadour, (A.K.A. Pompadour, La Pompadour)

Long Trim Pompadour, (A.K.A. Pompadour, La Pompadour)


Other options that we offer

Forward combed Boogie, (A.K.A The Flop,)

Jelly Roll, (A.K.A Ducktails, Jerry Curl, Ted)

Flattop with Fenders, (A.K.A Flattop Boogie)



Junior Crew,

Junior Flattop,

Junior Pompadour,

Junior Contour,

Junior Quiff,

Tapers, Fades A.K.A. Graduations

Most Common that we offer

High taper, (A.K.A. High Fade, Full Crown,)

Mid Taper, (A.K.A. Mid fade, Half Crown,)

Low Taper, (A.K.A Low fade, Quarter Crown)

Bald Fade, (A.K.A. Zero Fade, Skin Fade, Skull Fade,)

Other options that we offer

Straight Razor fade, (A.K.A. Cutthroat fade, Skin Fade, Additional Fees apply)

Blow-out Taper, (A.K.A Low Fade, Low Blend,)


Hair Neck Line or Nape Outlines

Most Common that we offer

Classic Taper, (A.K.A. Blended, No Line)

Square Back, (A.K.A Straight Back, Straight Across)

Rounded Back, (A.K.A Round, Rounded Corners)

Hair Outlines (Parameter or interior)

Outlined, (A.K.A. Line-up)

Hair Tattoo, (A.K.A. Hair Designs, Hair Graffiti, High borne part)


Most Common that we offer

Left Side Part, (A.K.A. Heavy on the Right.)

Right Side Part, A.K.A. Heavy on the Left

Center Part, A.K.A. Middle Parting,

Hard Part, A.K.A. Hard line, Shaved Parting, Buzzed Parting

Other options that we offer

Diagonal Part,

Off Center Part, A.K.A. Asymmetrical Parting,


Note: History Barber Shop Co. provides only the hairstyles described herein and reserves the right to refuse service if a patron demands a deviation from this list. Traditional and modern barbering is our business as such the Hair styles listed here are the only haircutting offers available as transactions within this company. Results may vary.

In order to properly complete our only offerd hair cutting services from The List*, the longest finished length after being cut can be no greater than approx. 1.5 inches over the ear to be left on the parameter hairline around the sides of the head and approx. 1 inch past the base of the nape or natural hairline. Results my vary. Any variable lengths shorter than this are permit-able as this would be with in the clearances of the Hairstyles on the list*. With the allowance of very minor variances to properly achieve styles from the list* of services on certain hair types these stated lengths will vary slightly and at the discretion of History Barbershop Co. staff whom provide the service.

The majority of these listed styles can be referenced by patrons with visual examples provided on the premises. An oral explanation can be provided about hairstyles that are offered on the list at History Barbershop Co. without available visual reference. Oral explanations will also be provided to customers that are visually impaired. The patron should assume that results may vary.

History Barbershop Co. will adhere to this business model. In doing so we will strongly encourage the public seeking services that staff at History Barbershop Co. deem outside of the scope of the list* to utilize the many qualified hair salons, beauty parlours or other hair cutting businesses of this nature that are accessible to them in their surrounding area.

Should a patron demand a Hairstyle that is not on The List* at History Barbershop Co. then service will likely be refused on the grounds it does not meet criteria of our range of services offered as advertised. Additional tariffs for minor variations may occur and these charges are subject to change without warning. Note staff in training may need assistance from colleagues when completing styles from The List*

History Barbershop Co. Employees and Management observe and uphold Ontario's Human Rights Code

Our organization respects and follows the letter and spirit of the Ontario Human Rights Code. We support and protect the dignity and worth of everyone.

We provide equal rights and opportunities for all employees, clients and volunteers.

Our policies, programs and processes are designed to address, prevent and eliminate discrimination in all aspects of employment and when we provide services to others. We do not tolerate harassment or unwelcome comments and actions. We take prompt action if such problems occur.

These are the prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Code: race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, gender expression, disability, colour, creed, age (18 and over, 16 and over in housing), marital status, family status, reprisal, receipt of public assistance (in housing), record of offences (in employment) and discrimination because of association.

The Code requires equal treatment in employment, housing, contracts, goods, services and facilities, and membership in vocational associations and trade unions.

Clearly stated in this document are our limitations on services offered at History Barbershop Co.-And in breach of these limitations alone would be the reason refusal of service may occur. Unless a fair agreement to compromise occurs at the discretion of History Barbershop Co. Management and does not put the integrity of its business model at risk.

An example of a possible and similar scenario of goods and service limitations;

If a Vegan restaurant had chosen to only serve fruits or vegetables as stated on their menu and done this in order to positively stimulate a specific business model. An individual may enter and ask to order a dish that is not on the menu. One that contains meat or other animal by-products as they may require for a religious celebration or perhaps due to a health complication. The restaurant staff would not be able to accommodate this individual and therefore would have to refuse service until this person could agree to utilize the clearly stated goods and services offered.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission works to promote, protect and advance human rights. Its main focus is the root causes of discrimination. Through outreach, cooperation, partnership and advocacy, the OHRC aims to advance Ontario’s human rights culture. Contact the OHRC if you want to learn more about human rights education and outreach or human rights issues in Ontario.

We hope that all parties could understand and abide by this policy.

Traditional Barbering

Cut•Shave• Beard•

No Walk-in's after 30 min before close or earlier dependent on the Queue.

Closed for Lunch From 1:45-2:30

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Business Information

Price Range: (10-30)
Parking: Parking Lot

Categories: Barber Shop, Shopping & Retail


Mon: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Tue: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Thu: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Fri: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 1:45 pm
2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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